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We intent to produce grapes that represent the terroir of each vineyard when fully ripened. We aim for natural flavours in our wine, which are developed through careful, manual cultivation of the vines. We acknowledge and work with the vines’ and vineyards’ unique characteristics from the first cutting through to harvest, while always considering changing weather conditions and different seasons.

It is our winemakers’ ambition to ensure that the new wines embody the qualities of the harvested grapes and to provide the wines with the potential for good aging. We do this through a delicate and patient vinification process and by devoting plenty of time to the wine’s maturation in our more than 300-year-old castle cellar. At the end – and as reward for our almost 18 months of work – we obtain wines which present the distinctive characteristics of our various vineyards.



If you need detailed information about our wines please e-mail us your request and we will send you the expertise in english as soon as possible.

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