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The origins of the Castell family can be traced back to the year 1057. Rupert de Castello was the first ancestor to be mentioned in archives. The oldest record of the family’s right to bear the title of Count is found in a royal charter of 1202. The Castell family was an influential force and reigned over a number of well-known places in Franconia. In 1901, the Count of Castell was promoted to the Prince of Castell, demonstrating the recognition of Castell by the royal family of the Wittelsbacher (Bavaria).

Following World War II, Albrecht Prince of Castell-Castell (being only 20 years of age) took over the responsibility for the family and business side and developed – among other things – the Domänenamt to one of Germany’s largest private wineries. Nowadays, Prince Castell is the head of the family, while his son Erbgraf Ferdinand (Hereditary Count) manages the winery and all other business ventures.

We invite you to follow us through the time visiting important dates of the Castell family, the winery and the village along important facts of the world history of the past 1000 years.


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