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passing down generations

The Counts and Princes of Castell have been shaping the region since 1091. In October 1996 Albrecht Fürst zu Castell-Castell handed the management of the winery to his son Ferdinand, who now runs it in the 26th generation. All other business ventures of the Castell familiy namely the bank, the forestry and the agriculture are in the shared responsibility of Ferdinand Erbgraf zu Castell-Castell and his cousin Johann-Friedrich Fürst zu Castell-Rüdenhausen.

Fürstlich Castell`sches Domänenamt

The Silvaner Winery - wines with character from one of the most reknown wineries

Fürstlich Castell`sche Bank

since 1774 – oldest bank of Bavaria

[Translate to English:] Fürstlich Castell`sche Land- und Forstwirtschaft

forest and farmland – habitat and cultivated landscape

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