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from family reign to family enterprise

The origins of the Castell family can be traced back to the year 1057. Rupert de Castello was the first ancestor to be mentioned in archives. The oldest record of the family’s right to bear the title of Count is found in a royal charter of 1205. During this era, the Castell family presented an influential force and reigned over a number of well-known places in Franconia. Almost 700 years later, the Counts of Castell were promoted to the Princes of Castell by prince regent Luitpold of Bavaria. When the Kingdom of Bavaria acquired Castell in 1806, the family reign started to develop into a family enterprise.

Today Otto Fürst zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and Ferdinand Erbgraf zu Castell-Castell share the responsibilty of managing the family enterprises. In trust they are holding their legacy to guide and develop and one day to pass it on to the next generation. Independence, individual style and value orientation are the foundation for their business actions.

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